The bakery

I bake French croissants, breads, macarons and other treats from a commercial kitchen and can deliver your orders all around Columbia. Please allow a minimum of 48h notice on all orders as all my treats are made by order and require a bit of time to prepare.

Fresh croissants, macarons & more

Since moving to the US, I had been missing the smell of fresh croissants so much that I decided to learn how to make them. Growing up in France, I always loved baking meringues and macarons. Now in the US, I am excited to share my passion for delicious French treats. 

Our latest posts!

If you are curious about the French language but cannot stand the sight of a conjugation book, this blog is for you. 

Discover French through food and travel in quick, unconventional posts. 

And if you've given up on learning the language, but not on baking French treats, then the recipe section is just what you were looking for : )


"Heavenly!!! So many layers, they were countless" (On croissants)


"Those are fantastic! Mostly gone already" 


"By far, the most amazing macarons I have ever had!! Thank you so much!!!"


"I used to live in France so I know how French pastry/viennoiserie are meant to taste; Julie makes authentic, delicious French treats! We were so glad to try French Treats’ croissants and chocolate croissants and they were sensational—took me right back to Paris! I can tell that the chocolate croissants are made with good quality chocolate—I loved them and my husband DEVOURED his! I can’t wait to order more tasty French treats for family and friends to enjoy."


Grateful and excited for a new adventure!

To all of you in Columbia who have tasted my treats, thank you! It's been an incredible experience to work in this community.

I am moving to the state of California in June and will close my small business at the end of May. Because of this move I will only take orders through Plume for the Friday breakfast event on May 22nd and 29th.

You may order online or contact the team at Plume:

Phone: 573-356-0867


Drop me a line

You'd like to have some macarons at your baby shower, or you'd like to request a fun new flavor? Drop me a line and I'll get right back to you. 

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