A Cure For Hangover

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Most french people have a fond memory of an onion soup that has nothing to do with a dainty bowl with a side of crispy, cheesy bread (i.e. that picture I used)

I will admit to you the truth, and it’s not so pretty, my memory of onion soup and the one of many of my friends has to do with drinking all night and trying to escape the hangover in the early hours of the morning. (Please feel free to send your own personal photos for a more accurate illustration of my post : ))

For this reason, a hangover onion soup does not have a recipe with proper measures. Let me repeat (again), it is past 2am and the walls around you tend to move of their own accord.

First of all, I’d like to explain something about French parties. Unlike in the US, whether you are 15 or 55 years old, a proper party must end no earlier than 2am. I repeat, 2am. So the onion soup is kind of an early morning tradition for those in the party who are still conscious and want to fight the hangover before it even hits.

I am not making this up, this 2am soup is better than any aspirin and feels like a 5-star meal in comparison to the Pedialyte my husband drinks in that situation. If there is one tradition I would like to spread to my new country, here’s the one! Climb on board the drunken onion soup train and let me know how you like it… Here is the “recipe”.

For added effect, let me go down memory lane. It was my buddy’s 18th birthday party in the middle of nowhere, Médoc. All my high school friends and I, the local rugby team, uncles and grandpas were having a great time grilling meat and drinking wine long into the middle of the night. It’s the middle of July, and that’s all I can honestly remember. But at some point, among the half dozen of us still up there was the whisper of a soup and we all rallied to the kitchen, looking like zombies at the one less drunk, chopping the onions. As the aroma arose, so did some of us who’d crash on the lounge chairs and sofas. Magic, I tell you! So plan accordingly, if only 4 are up, count double for when the smell comes up.

Thanks for reading this most serious post and don’t hesitate to comment below! A bientôt…




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