Recipe: Le Cassoulet

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Check out the recipe for the yummiest of all French dishes! I have named: Le Cassoulet de Castelnaudary : )

Recipe for 4 people Ingredients 350 to 400 g of dry beans (lingers du lauragais preferably)

2 duck legs confit (or goose) cut in two.

4 pieces of 80 g of pork sausage

4 pieces of 50g of pork meat, knuckle, shoulder or belly

250 g of pork rind, half to be used after all is cooked for the dish assembly.

A bit of salted lard 1 leftover chicken carcass or a few pork bones, onions and carrots.

Some garlic cloves

The recipe

The day before: soak the beans all night in cold water.

The day of: Empty the water, put the beans in a pot with 3 L of cold water and bring to a boil during 5 minutes. Turn of the stove, empty the water, and set aside the beans.

Proceed to the preparation of the bouillon, with again 3 L of water, the rind cut in large strips, the chicken carcass (or the bones), some onions and carrots. Add salt and pepper generously. Cook the bouillon for and hour before filtering it and setting aside the pieces of rind.

Put the beans to cook in the filtered bouillon until they are tender but remain in one piece. It will take about 1 hour in the boiling bouillon.

Meanwhile, prepare the meats. In a big pan, degrease the pieces of duck confit on a slow fire. Set aside.

In the leftover duck fat, brown the sausages, then set aside.

Drain the beans and keep the bouillon warm.

Prepare a mix of 4 garlic cloves and the double in weight of salted lard. Grind the mix and add it to the beans.

Assembly of the Cassoulet : You will need here a pottery dish that goes into the oven (a Dutch oven is not ideal, but it can do if you have nothing else).

Cover the bottom of the pot with pieces of rind.

Add a third of the beans.

Place the meats on top, then the rest of the beans.

Add the sausages and push them into the beans. The top of the sausages should remain apparent.

Finish by adding the warm bouillon, which should just cover the means.

Grind pepper on top and add a spoonful of duck fat from the meat pan.


Cook at 300-320 F for 2 to 3 hours.

During this time, a golden brown crust will appear that you must break and push (the ancestors would say 7 times!)

When the top of the beans starts to dry out, add a few spoonfuls of bouillon.

If you prepare the cassoulet one day prior, you will need to reheat it in the oven at 300F for 1.5 hours before serving. Don’t forget to add a bit of bouillon!


The cassoulet should be served boiling in the pot. Serve it delicately without stirring.

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